With Google ending their unlimited free storage for photos after June 1, 2021, most of you are looking for solutions that that is free and gives complete control over your data.

I like to have complete control over my data and so I created my local private cloud to store…

I have started ramping up my React skills and would like to share some best practices around structuring the project and how components should look like in a well-built React application.

  1. A Component that manages the state should not be too involved with UI rendering. Its render method should be…

How to create a standalone WebSocket server using python and JavaScript.

Updating data on the web without refreshing the page is ideal for many applications. Here are few examples

  1. Real-time data graphs
  2. Election results
  3. Baseball scoreboard
  4. Chat app

Let’s dive in to see how this can be achieved with just…

Zahid Mak

Software Developer

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